Take a Stand

Take a Stand: Value Lineups

Checking for Understanding 25-26

Standards: SL1, SL2, SL3

The value lineup is a structure for fostering peer discourse on the core concepts in a content area, a unit of study, or an anchor text.

Display a statement about a content area topic that requires students to consider their values and beliefs. (For example, “Scientists should be allowed to pursue research in cloning.”)

Mark an impromptu continuum in the classroom.

Read / speak the statement aloud; quickly decode difficult words but do not comment on the meaning of the quotation.

Students independently evaluate the statement then line up according to their degree of agreement with the statement. If a student isn’t sure, he/she stands in the middle.

Students discuss the stands they have taken. This can be done in whole group fashion, or the single line can fold in half so that students who most strongly agreed the statement are partnered with students who most strongly disagreed with the statement.

After several minutes of conversation, students return to their seats. This can be followed by a whole group debate or a journal entry.

Click here for the Take a Stand: Value Lineups handout.